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Open Play Time Information

Open Play Time is Monday thru Friday 10am to 5pm. Weekdays are for Open Play Time, so come play in our indoor Showroom where the weather is always perfect. Bring your friends for a play date or just come to enjoy the fun and meet some new friends.

Sorry, even though we receive many requests, we have


We reserve weekends for selling our products (our main business) or for birthday parties

Call 515-270-2433 for Open Play Time Information at our store.

Open Play Times and Pricing
Weekdays Monday - Friday (does not include holidays) 10:00am to 5:00pm $5 for children age 2 and older

All prices include sales tax. We also provide punch cards for frequent visitors. For each paid admission we will punch your card and after eight paid admissions the ninth is free.

Party in Showroom Kids on Slides Kids on Slides

Open Play Time Details

Open Play Time Includes the Following

Store Calendar showing Open Play Times

Open Play Time Frequently Asked Questions

Does open play time have access to the party room during the open play time hours?

Yes, but please remember everyone coming to open play time has the right to use the party room for snack time and lunch time. So please be considerate of others when using our party room.

Do you provide someone to watch my children during open play time?

Parents or guardians must provide supervision fro their children. We do not provide any supervision during this time and each adult entering during open play time is asked to sign a waiver acknowledging there is no supervision provided.

How many children can I bring to open play time?

There is no limit to the number of children you can bring to open play time. But, you must provide at least one adult for every four children playing. Please remember we do not provide any supervision. Anyone bringing a group of eight or more children we ask to call before hand to schedule your group. We also ask that all groups come after 1:00 pm in the afternoon.

If we have lots of adults, can the adults have food outside the party room?

All food must remain in the party room with NO EXCEPTIONS.

Can the adults bring alcoholic beverages for themselves?

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises.

What other safety rules will need to be followed?

For safety reasons, please keep children from playing around the outdoor furniture behind fence. Also there is no basketball playing allowed in the showroom. There is also no ball throwing allowed anywhere in the showroom. Our lights for the showroom have changed and could be broken if impacted by a ball.

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