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Play set Maintenance & Moving Service

For Backyard Adventures Playsets

Play set Maintenance

Is your set looking a little faded and would you like it to look new again?

We offer a maintenance program for Backyard Adventures playsets. It includes taking off all non-key components and power washing the set to make sure it is clean. We will then apply a water based stain to the surface to make it look new again. Lastly, we will reinstall all the components, inspect the structure & all components, and tighten all hardware.

Older Playset

Any needed repairs are billed separately from the maintenance service. Service starts at $350 and final price is dependent on size of the playset and number of components. Please call us for an estimate on your particular playset.

Play set Moving Service

If you have a Backyard Adventures play set you need to move within the state of Iowa, give us a call. We will handle your playset safely and with care. Call us for an estimate to move your playset. This service is limited during our peak playset sales season from March to June. Moving services start at $400 and are dependent on size of the playset and number of components.

Moving Service notes:

  • Each playset must be looked at before quoting price, some playsets may not qualify for move
  • Each new yard must be looked at before receiving quote
  • Customer must provide clean area for playset installation i.e. no pet feces, etc.
  • Customer must approve placement in new yard and any adjustment of placement after approval will incur additional charges
  • Moves outside Des Moines metro area will incur mileage charge of $1 per mile
  • Repairs needed during move will incur charges for parts and labor for the repair
  • Payment is due at the conclusion of the move
  • We will do our best to protect the set during transport, but we are not responsible for damages incurred during transportation

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