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Treasure Garden

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Treasure Garden Shade Products and Patio Accessories

For more than thirty years, Treasure GardenĀ® has been leading the shade industry. Since 1984, Treasure Garden has manufactured the widest selection of shade products in the world. We offer more than 25,000 variations of shade solutions and accessories. From our revolutionary Easy TrackĀ® series to our state-of-the-art Cantilevers and Collar Tilt collections, Treasure Garden has a perfect shade solution for your outdoor environment.

Treasure Garden Shade Products Catalog

Click on the picture above to view a PDF File of 2017 Treasure Garden catalog

Aluminum Market Collection

11' Collor Tilt

9' Collar Tilt

8' x 11' Crank Lift

11' Auto Tilt

9' Auto Tilt

8' x 10' Auto Tilt

9' Push Button Tilt

7.5' Push Button Tilt

6' Push Button Tilt

Cantilever Collection

11' AG28 Cantilever

10' AG19 Cantilever

8.5' AG19SQ Cantilever

13' AKZ Cantilever

10' x 13' AKZRT Cantilever

11.5' AKZSQ Cantilever

11' AKZ Cantilever

10' AKZSQ Cantilever

Cantilever Umbrella


Umbrella Bases

Umbrella Bases

Umbrella Bases

Protective Furniture Covers

Protective Furniture Covers

Protective Furniture Covers

Umbrella Lightgs

Umbrella Lightgs

Outdoor Rugs

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